This is a project I did in my own time. When we moved out of marketing to sit as internal agency, there was absolutely no structure in place whatsoever. We had a very rough briefing process, and we were hiring in a couple more members of the team: a senior designer, a junior and a project manager as well as a smattering of freelancers to help cope with the volume of work that needed to be done which had previously all come my way. This book was my way of trying to streamline processes and make clear what it was we actually did, and how we could work the most effectively with the rest of the business and vice versa. I was reading Sherlock Holmes at the time and just wrote it as a bit of fun, but then my manager saw it and thought it was good and useful so we ended up using it. I don't consider myself a copywriter, but I do have a degree in comparative literature, so enjoy writing from time to time. For me, this project was more a fun experiment writing in an old fashioned style and trying to create some order out of chaos, and  for my own amusement than anything else!