OVO Endeavoured to put their customer first and really think about every step of the process to try and make it feel like it was more than a corporation. Let's be honest, utility companies are fairly universally disliked because as customers we have to pay a lot of money for something that we can't very well do without, and get very irate when we find it frustratingly difficult to do things that we feel should be simple. OVO tried to preempt and diffuse negativity by using positive language and imagery in all comms with customers, so rather than a bland officious sorry we missed you card, I designed one that was friendly and personable. It is a very simple form of communication, but ensured the information was very clear on exactly who the engineer was and how to get hold of them so the customer felt as though they were able to directly get in touch with a human being instead of having to go through a tedious process of contacting a call centre and being put on hold for half an hour.

I'm not including this card for the design, but rather to explain the level of thought that I put into everything, and how it would affect the customer/client.